Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One word -- FUN!! - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

I have one word to describe Jeanette's session -- Fun!! When she showed up for her shoot and I saw her outfit I just about melted. I ♥ Hello Kitty!! Anyone that shows up wanting to wear Hello Kitty anything in their shoot tells me they have personality and will be FUN to work with. She was definitely fun to work with and so down to earth. She told me she wasn't a lingerie type of girl, which I could totally relate to. We all define sexy in different ways and it doesn't have to be lingerie or baring it all. It's how you define sexy, and what makes you feel good inside and out. We're all fabulous in our own ways, and what I love is that for Jeanette, this shoot was about embracing who she is as a woman. 

** Jeanette you rocked your shoot in your Hello Kitty sleep wear!! Cute, sexy, and Simply Fabulous!!! Thank you Jeanette for letting me share some of your photos. xoxo marianne **

Here's a sneak peek from Jeanette's Simply Fabulous session -- 

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