Friday, December 23, 2011

Love her!!! - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Happy Friday Everyone!! 

Here's a sneak peek from Therese's shoot with me! I love this girl and not just because she's family. She really is a genuine person, super sweet, and always has my back! So when she asked me if I would take her photos I was flattered and honored, especially since it was on her "bucket list." She's gorgeous inside and out, and of course FABULOUS!!! ;) 

**Thanks T!!! Love you and thank you for letting me help you check something off your list!!**

Enjoy the photos!! xoxo miyan ;)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jeanne - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Hi everyone!! It feels good to be back on the blog! My apologies for being gone so long. Between school, work, practicum, and Delumpa Photography I've been pretty busy the last few months. Now that it's the end of December I have a little more breathing room and I'm ready to get Simply Fabulous going again! First things first - catching up on blog posts!  

Like I always say, what's a blog without a few photos. So without further delay here are some of my favorites from Jeanne's shoot!!  I had a lot of fun during this shoot, because Jeanne came in with some of her own ideas and she was not shy at all. This woman is successful, loving, compassionate, and GORGEOUS!! 
Oh and the day of her shoot was actually her birthday! Jeanne thank you for spending a little bit of your day with me!!

Jeanne's Simply Fabulous Session 


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Can I look this good when I have kids?? - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

I'm excited to share a few photos from Miss Vangie's shoot last month.
Vangie is in her 40's and looks absolutely fabulous!!
She's also a mom of 2yr old triplets and a soon-to-be 5yr old.

Vangie, how do you do it????? 

Enjoy the slideshow!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Simply Fabulous Shoot with Miss Donna - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Hello everyone!! 

So sorry I've been missing on the blog. August was definitely a busy month for Simply Fabulous and it just flew right by!! One of the gorgeous ladies that came in for a shoot was Donna. I had so much fun with her. We shared a lot of laughs, but by the end she was a pro. The nerves went away and she had fun with it!

One last thing I have to mention -- can you believe that Donna just had a baby 8 months ago??? Doesn't she look amazing??? Oh and I loved the head to toe pink!! Definitely her style!! ♥

Here are a few of my favorites from Miss Donna's Simply Fabulous session:

** A big thank you to Maria Cano of Mi Amor Artistry **

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Alicia -"I'm going to be famous ..." -- San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Before every shoot I send out a questionnaire to my clients to help me prepare for their scheduled shoot.  One of the questions I ask is if they're ok with me posting photos from their session.  Well Alicia gave me the ok to post a few of her photos, because in her exact words, "I'm going to be famous..." 

Can I just say, after doing her shoot I totally believe that.  She totally rocked it and I even asked her if she's ever modeled before, because she was such a natural.  Alicia, girl you are a superstar!! ♥ 

Here's a sneak peek from Miss Alicia's Simply Fabulous session --

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing Miss Marta - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Hello Everyone!!

Sorry I've been missing, but Delumpa Photography and Simply Fabulous has been keeping me busy.  I've had such an overwhelming response to Simply Fabulous, and I'm so happy I can do this type of photography for the every day woman.  I cannot stress enough that every woman should have these photos done for themselves.  It's a chance to take a time-out for yourself and just enjoy who you are at this very moment.  It's a break from the kids, the spouses, work, school, and whatever stress might be going on in your life. ♥      

Here's a sneak peek of a shoot I did a week and a half ago for Miss Marta -- 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing Miss Jazzmin - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Hello everyone!!

Soooooo I'm super excited to announce that the studio is up and running!!! When I was getting everything together I asked one of my BFF's (Miss Jazzmin) if she would model for me, that way I could try out my new lights and make any adjustments to the overall set-up. Lucky me, she agreed to model and even better she gave the OK to share the photos with everyone.

What I love about Jazz's session is that one of the outfits she wore was actually a dress. This brings me to a question that I always get asked -- "What do I wear?????" Here's my answer -- Wear something you'll feel gorgeous in, but also something that you'll feel comfortable wearing. Remember a Simply Fabulous photo session is about you and as your photographer it's my job to bring out the best in you no matter what you're wearing. ;)

Here's a little sneak peek from Miss Jazzmin's session --

Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's whatever you're comfortable with!!

Since my last post I've been getting a lot of inquiries and general questions about booking a Simply Fabulous shoot. So I thought I'd answer some of those questions in the next couple of blogs and.

The first question that came up was, "Are my photos going to be posted online for others to see?" The answer is "No," unless you have given me signed consent to use your images. I 100% believe in confidentiality. So although I would love to blog about every shoot and show off fabulous photos of all my clients, I completely understand if you'd rather keep your session private.  I'm OK with that! I've also had women ask if they can go by a pseudonym rather than their own, and I'm fine with that too. It's whatever you're comfortable with!

Now, check out more photos from the Boudoir Divas workshop I attended last month. One of my favorite parts of the workshop was being able to work with the models 1-on-1. I can't say it enough, I had an amazing time at the workshop and it really did push me to get my boudoir business going. Thank you Boudoir Divas!!

xoxo Marianne 

Introducing: Miss Jenica 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simply Fabulous is Officially Here!!!! - San Francisco Bay Area Boudoir Photographer

Hello Everyone!! 

I am super excited to announce that Simply Fabulous by Delumpa Photography is officially here!! My love for boudoir photography actually began a few years ago when I was a fiancee trying to decide what gift to get my soon to be hubby.  I came across boudoir photos by The Boudoir Divas and instantly fell in love with their work.  I also realized they were based out of San Diego, so I searched here in the Bay Area to find a photographer that could do similar work.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find a photographer who's style I liked or one that I would feel comfortable with.  Let's be honest, I'm not a size 2 so I was self-conscious.  

Fast forward to now, with our own photography business -- I told my hubby that I would shoot boudoir style photography because I wanted to give every woman the opportunity to feel simply fabulous about themselves. It doesn't matter your age, your size, your shape, or your color -- I believe every woman is FABULOUS inside and out

With that said, I decided to learn from the best and last month I flew myself to San Diego to attend a Boudoir Divas workshop.  I had such an amazing time and I know some of you have been waiting to see the photos I took.  So for the next few days I will be releasing photos from the workshop of models that I was fortunate to work with.  Please enjoy and send me an email ( if you'd like to schedule a Simply Fabulous shoot!! 


Introducing: Miss Natalie 
Natalie was one of the models from the workshop that I was so lucky to work with. She's absolutely gorgeous and was fabulous to work with.