Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's whatever you're comfortable with!!

Since my last post I've been getting a lot of inquiries and general questions about booking a Simply Fabulous shoot. So I thought I'd answer some of those questions in the next couple of blogs and.

The first question that came up was, "Are my photos going to be posted online for others to see?" The answer is "No," unless you have given me signed consent to use your images. I 100% believe in confidentiality. So although I would love to blog about every shoot and show off fabulous photos of all my clients, I completely understand if you'd rather keep your session private.  I'm OK with that! I've also had women ask if they can go by a pseudonym rather than their own, and I'm fine with that too. It's whatever you're comfortable with!

Now, check out more photos from the Boudoir Divas workshop I attended last month. One of my favorite parts of the workshop was being able to work with the models 1-on-1. I can't say it enough, I had an amazing time at the workshop and it really did push me to get my boudoir business going. Thank you Boudoir Divas!!

xoxo Marianne 

Introducing: Miss Jenica 

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